The KNX UK AGM was held at Hanbury Hall, Spitalfields on Thursday 30th March 2017 and attend by many KNX UK members

The AGM kicked off with KNX UK President Iain Gordon welcoming all members, providing an overview of the events that took place over the past year & upcoming activities the association has planned for the rest of the year. Mark Warburton from Ivory Egg gave an overview of ETS Inside and how it is used.

The AGM also featured presentations from external guest speakers Jono Oswin who provided ways to present a successful presentation; Johnny Ball who gave an entertaining presentation to the audience with his maths knowledge and Peter Aylett who talked about how technology is changing in the building industry

The winners of the KNX UK 2017 Award and KNX UK Board Elections were announced also took place. Julian Barkes from BEMCO joins the KNX UK Board as a Wholesaler/Training representative and Matt Price from Hager joins as a Manufacturer representative. All members of the KNX UK Board can be found on The Executive Board page on the KNX UK website.