The Project

Integration of a cutting-edge KNX smart home system in a luxurious Knightsbridge penthouse.

This 5-bedroom residential abode underwent a comprehensive refurbishment, and IndigoZest was commissioned by the M&E consultant to design and install a complete control system.

How does this Project demonstrate the diversity/flexibility of KNX?

One of the driving forces behind adopting KNX was its remarkable potential for energy savings. The real magic of using the KNX protocol lies in the way it brings diverse brands and products together in perfect harmony, forging a highly efficient, integrated solution. The result? A smart home that’s not only opulent but also incredibly smart.

How does KNX add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers

The property owner’s quest for efficiency required a fully responsive approach. Motion sensors have been strategically placed to enable occupancy-based lighting control, further optimising the energy footprint.

The home’s audio-visual solutions include a dedicated media room and concealed speakers seamlessly integrated throughout the space. Responding to the client’s wishes, IndigoZest incorporated a Control4 system as the user-friendly interface for AV and lighting.

This interface was seamlessly intertwined with the KNX core, ensuring that every room boasts a singular control panel and avoids any unsightly wall acne. This unified approach, governing AV, lighting scenes, shading, and heating, reduces wall clutter and lends an elegant, streamlined look to every corner of the penthouse.

How has this project resolved an identified need for the building user and/or developer ?

Using KNX as the backbone for the project allows diverse brands and products to work together in perfect harmony, forging a highly efficient, integrated solution.

This ensures seamless management of heating, air conditioning, and shading, that work in harmony and at peak efficiency. In each room, discreet temperature probes built into the keypads, along with floor probes, keep a vigilant eye on the temperature. If it ever surpasses the desired level, the heating system is smartly shut off, conserving energy.