KNX UK president Iain Gordon gave a 1Hr presentation on “Smart homes. The now and the future.”

Started by picking apart the facts about technology acceleration in relation to how consumers are demanding more from their buildings then highlighting recent reports referring to now as the “Exponential age” with evidence of technology permeating into all aspects of life.

The session gave a solid and robust reason to choose to outfit all buildings with a control infrastructure with KNX at its heart. The presentation was the inaugural delivery of the new KNX UK Architects guide. Developed over the last two years with assistance from members of RIBA, the guide showcases KNX as a solution for the requirements of Comfort and Security, highlighted as the key motivators for consumers to adopt new technology in recent worldwide industry surveys. Talking about the benefits first and the solution only when the key messages are understood.

The delegates were attentive and enthusiastic and some great questions were fielded back at the podium.

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