The Project

Baulogic was appointed to install complete control of lighting, underfloor heating, door access and security across the whole property with a priority focus of creating a safe and comfortable home environment for a disabled household member enabling a far greater level of independence and quality of life.

How does this Project demonstrate the diversity/flexibility of KNX?

Baulogic integrates the best of KNX products into a single, unified smart home system for all essential home functions – everything all together, controlled in one place.

Using the flexibility and open-source compatibility of KNX devices enabled Baulogic to curate an integrated modular system offering this client the power of a universal KNX system at a price to match the build budget.

A key aspect of this client’s requirements was to control the sensory environment for their son. This includes low lighting levels in his rooms that are sympathetic to his health needs as well as the ability to remotely turn off power to this area at night.

For his health it is important to avoid large temperature oscillations which requires accurate temperature control using KNX controllers. KNX enables Baulogic to provide simple preset multi-zone heating so that temperatures around the whole house are bespoke to each room and the needs of different family members.

Aesthetically, controls in the rooms are sleek, unassuming and simple enough to be used by anyone, which is in keeping with the clean and crisp design of the house.

The complex needs of this home were managed by KNX and made simple for our client.

How does KNX add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers

Thanks to Baulogic and KNX, the homeowners have complete control of the multi-zone underfloor heating, towel rails, lighting throughout and access control using a single interface. The homeowners’ experience is unified further with a touch panel, voice control and mobile app.

Baulogic delivered a highly functional house without complexity, while enabling additional accessibility in certain areas, which was a critical need.

The benefit of complete KNX lighting control offers convenience and enhanced security in a rural location. E.g. scenes such as the ‘Goodbye’ switch by the front door. This sets the house into ‘unoccupied mode’ with the press of one button – turning down heating, ensuring lights are off and repurposing motion sensors to provide security notifications.

A wired KNX solution in this build removed the challenges of radio-based installations, the system was installed with confidence that it would work throughout the house. The system was installed with simple and intuitive JUNG F10 switches in all rooms, and MDT Push Button Smart 86 display switches at the main access points.

With integrated temperature sensors, all switches in the home contribute to the energy-conscious control of lighting and heating. In addition, motion detection for convenience and security using Zennio EyeZen sensors.

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How has this project resolved an identified need for the building user?

Our client approached Baulogic wanting a smart home for themselves, and to create a home environment that’s comfortable and safe for their disabled son and give him a level of independence that was impossible previously.

Our client required a system that could cater to his specific needs now and be able to adapt to his changing needs in future.

For his needs now, the lighting is programmed in the Baulogic system to avoid any sensory issues, for example pressing the ‘welcome’ button before they arrive home turns lights on to a level of brightness that avoids sensory overload for their son.

The Baulogic system also enables the family to ensure their son is safe by restricting electricity in his room, using switches that can be controlled via the app, and closely managing the temperature of the towel rail in his wet room, meaning he can shower safely and independently.

Rarely in a build project brief, is it so important to manage lighting and heating levels so carefully.

The use of KNX was essential in providing the breadth of functionality and ensuring the range of manufacturers products could meet the project’s needs.

The family wanted a modern highly functional home, whilst still providing for their accessibility and security needs, hiding complexity and offering convenience whether through remote control, whole home functions or schedules.

During the construction of the property, the project was faced with delays and supply chain challenges due to the global pandemic. Baulogic’s unique ability to be installed by the clients’ electrician and KNX’s simple cabling requirement allowed this project to progress according to the on-site timetable and the electrician’s availability. This complex system was successfully installed in a matter of days.

Baulogic ensured everything was clear, detailed in advance, on time and on budget. No specialist was required on site but Baulogic supported throughout. This was all possible because of the power of KNX integrating so many functions so seamlessly.

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