Amels Superyacht,


Integrator :  Harris Grant  -

Category :  Residential


This Superyacht project demonstrates the benefits of distributed control and KNX’s minimal cabling requirement, as well as its global reach and the guaranteed compatibility of devices.

While there is always particular pressure to minimise copper and cable density throughout a sea-going vessel, savings and simplification of wiring are equally welcome on dry land.

As a world-wide, open protocol, KNX gives marine operators the assurance that, in unlikely event of device failure or if they want to amend, update and extend the system installation, fully compatible products can be sourced throughout the world.

Bespoke systems designers Harris Grant provided systems specification, detail design, hardware supply and installation for all technical and control systems on this vessel, the 63m LE199_03 Dutch shipbuilders Amels. KNX, as a distributed, bus controlled, installation standard is well suited to marine installations. Intelligence is distributed in panels throughout the vessel to where they are required, and control gateways can be localised as convenient.

On board this vessel internal and external lighting throughout luxury areas and companion ways is controlled through a KNX installation, as are the interfaces to blinds, drapes, the BMS and specialist marine HVAC systems. The KNX lighting installation supports the switching and dimming of individual luminaires, and the setting of group snapshots and scenes, which can then be memorised and recalled by the users. Air condition settings are memorised and display fan speeds, local temperatures, and the Guest’s preferred set points. All this information is accessible through both local wall panels and systems GUI tablets for quick and easy reference as required. Harris Grant’s own award winning control interface provides vertical integration with the vessel’s AV control systems, via Crestron KNX gateways.

Harris Grant responsibilities also included the supply, installation, and configuration of TVRO and VSAT antennas for television and satellite communications, wired and wireless networks, audio and video servers, distribution and play-out, programming and code for controls and comfort systems throughout the vessel, as well as telephony and the distribution of alarms and monitoring. Harris Grant worked in close collaboration with specialist marine electrical contractors, RH Marine, and their local contractor, Albert Kranendijk to ready the vessel for its launch party in December 2017.

Whenever an installation is as mobile as a modern 62m Superyacht, there is the challenge of supporting and updating the design and installation, wherever the vessel may be in the world. External access is required, as well as internal network control so that remote monitoring can detect any issues and provide resolution. KNX systems are uniquely successful at providing remote facilities and straightforward maintenance access, regardless of location

KNX Features:

* Reduced wiring and use of copper ideal for marine environment.
* Global reach of KNX future proofs the vessel – wherever it sails.
Distributed intelligence separates crew (safety and navigation) and guest (leisure and luxury) control.
* Seamless integration within a challenging framework via KNX gateways.
 Ability to create custom GUIs for crew and guests.