Fenman House,
King's Cross

Integrator :  Hughes Electra  -  http://www.hugheselectra.co.uk

Category :  Apartment


Fenman House is an elegant addition to the King’s Cross skyline and comprises of 76 apartments of which there are 17 unique apartment types.

The KNX system includes the control of LED and phase dimmed lighting, UFH, mirror demisters, fancoil units, smoke and heat detection, door entry, presence detection, elevator control, option for blind upgrades, mobile access and a touchscreen interface. The wall panels are programmed with energy saving functions such as 'depart' mode which turns off all lights, widens the temperature tolerance and calls the lift.

The project features Hughes Electra KNX+power distribution boards, which include other KNX and Hager circuit protection devices, and
door entry system with custom external panels and backboxes. The comprehensive KNX systems include control of DALI lighting (downlights and feature linear LED) and phase dimmed lighting. The KNX wall panels are programmed to include a pre-set scene (re-programmable by the homeowner) and control of individual lighting circuits.

Pre-wiring for future feature pendant lighting was designed to ensure that flexibility for homeowners, offering both phase dimmed and DALI dimming as options. The KNX wall panels also allow control of the heating and cooling systems, comprising wet underfloor heating and Advanced Air fan coil units.

The multi-functional KNX wall panels include room temperature controllers to provide intelligent menagement of systems and temperature sensors to provide accurate air temperature measurement. The system also allows the homeowner to disable cooling if required. The bathrooms feature warm walls, mirror demisters and MVHR, all controlled via a mixture of timers and PIRs.

The KNX+power systems provide additional control and interfacing with mechanical plant equipment, including HIU, CIU and trace heating. This includes monitoring of underfloor heating temperatures to provide a backup overheat protection alarm to prevent potential overheat and damage to the flooring.

The apartment are also fitted with  smoke alarms and which can be tried and tested via the mobile intereface.Control and setup of higher level functions (e.g. timers, global settings, etc.) is via a touchscreen and all apartments have the option of upgrading to include blinds if they wish.

Each apartments is fitted with a 3G router, this enables Hughes Electra to access the individual apartments and diagnose problems remotely (client granting prior permission) and without have to ask for the tenants wifi code.