2022 KNX UK Award Winner

Residential Project of the Year – New Land Solutions Barn Project

How does this Project demonstrate the diversity of KNX?

The owners of this property selected New Land Solutions to design and install their home automation system after visiting the Jung showroom in London and experiencing the KNX building system technology showcased there. They were seeking a system for their new build passive house, that would provide the ultimate solution to energy efficiency and contribute to a better environmental footprint.

How does this Project demonstrate a synergistic approach to building use?

Having designed a passive house with a ground surge heat pump and solar panels for optimum energy efficiency, the clients needed a smart building solution that could automate multiple functions and applications for optimal coordinated control. The awnings, window treatments, heating, humidity control, AC and lighting are all controlled using components and applications from a range of manufactures. KNX allowed the entire system to communicate seamlessly in a single communication network.

How does KNX add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers

The clients are big music lovers and wanted an emphasis on AV, with a high quality audio integrated into the home automation system. KNX allowed us to interface the building control with the Savant smart home system for a premium solution that offers a high level of personalisation and uses Sonos as the music platform.

What functionality is achieved using KNX for this project?

Network: Unified network with Watchword firewall and external coverage. Savant Pro host integration with KNX using the new KNX manager software. CCTV: Axis used for multiple features. The cameras work on the KNX platform, creating on event on the KNX system when they sense motion. AV – Projector, TV’s and plastered in Sonance speakers. Savant front end used to control AV. Control panels: Custom engraved Atelier Luxus downstairs, Jung upstairs.

Why use KNX for this project?

By integrating KNX, we were able to achieve optimum energy efficiency for the client. The ability to interface a wide range of manufactures and applications meant we could create a home environment that focused on comfort, convenience and pleasure.