The KNX UK networking meetings are now well-established as a forum for open discussion about how we can create better, smarter systems for end users. They give us space to explore new ideas away from the pressure of sales targets and project deadlines.

20171102 165348So where more fitting for the November meeting than the National Space Centre at Leicester. It is the UK’s largest attraction dedicated to space exploration and space science. Before the meeting started, our members had a guided tour of the centre and it has to be said that it was hard to tell the difference between our party and the school groups when it came to awe and excitement.

Looking at the relatively low-tech exhibits like one of the only three Soyuz spacecraft in the west makes you wonder at the bravery of early astronauts, especially when you consider that we probably have more computing power behind us when we design a smart building.

IanEllisTalkThe meeting heard about BIM (Building Information Modelling) from Ian Ellis from Siemens, who spoke openly about how his firm is preparing.  BIM is the process that sees construction industry professionals collaborate on a range of data that comes together in a federated digital project model that is being rolled out in stages. The next stage, BIM Level 3 - with a notional 2025 target - will enable the interconnected digital design of different elements in a built environment and will extend BIM into the operation of assets over their lifetime. It will support the accelerated delivery of smart cities, services and grids and is expected to save owners of built assets billions of pounds a year in unnecessary costs. It needs to be on your radar.

BernhardTalk croppedOverall, we were reassured that BIM compliance will be no issue for integrators, with manufacturers already offering off-the-shelf objects or file groups in ifc format (ie BIM compatible) for their products that can be inserted into a BIM model. The over-riding sentiment at the KNX UK meeting was that it’s about time everyone else woke up to the benefits of collaboration! It works, and it delivers results. .

Bernhard Huessy from Nomos Systems had travelled from Switzerland to meet leading KNX users in the UK and find out more about the work we are doing. He shared his insights into the proliferation of data in the modern world,  how we can best use it.  Nomos has developed a software engine capable of controlling connected devices regardless of their communication protocols, standards or propriety software engine by elevating software and hardware to a single communication layer, and Bernhard is a natural fan of  KNX.  

Look out for more exciting KNX UK events in 2018!