2023 KNX UK Awards – KNX Champion


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As a non-profit Trade Association promoting awareness of a universal protocol, we have a lot of unsung heroes who offer up their valuable time, share their expertise and passion for growing awareness of KNX technology.

This award seeks to thanks those who go above and beyond.Champions are assessed against the following two criteria:

  • Has the individual contributed significantly to promote and assist the KNX UK Association?
  • Has the individual helped to grow the KNX market in the UK, increased awareness of KNX or assisted others in becoming involved in this growing market?

Paul Foulkes – Country Manager, Theben UK

With regard to his contribution to promote and assist KNX UK in it’s promotion of KNX technologies, his colleagues said that Paul is unswerving in his dedication to KNX UK, he is present in every shape and form in every single activity and initiative. He always volunteers for working groups and external activities – often at short notice and personal cost.  He is active on social media and often writes articles that are published across the internet and Industry Press. He travels exhaustively and inspires and encourages new initiatives and new ways of spreading the KNX word amongst all that he meets.

It was also reported by colleagues, that Paul is passionate about the very real changes that KNX technology can make in the lives of individuals and the need to embrace this change to provide better buildings for future generations.  His technical knowledge and professional attitude to colleagues and competitors alike exudes the ethos of co-operation and interoperability that is KNX.  He is a great ambassador for KNX in everything he does and a great inspiration to others to take up the mantle for change.

On hearing of the award Graham Oliver of JUNG UK, remarked that this was very well deserved and remarked on Paul’s willingness to always be involved at every level and in every activity. Iain Gordon on presenting the award commented on Paul’s dedication as well as his leadership abilities and his dedication to drive growth within the organisation.

Paul has over 30 years of experience in building technologies working in mainland Europe and the UK. His experience has included building automation, the energy industry and manufacturing. He is passionate about the use of smart building technologies and the real world advantages in future proofing buildings, providing occupants with greater choice, improved energy management and healthier living environments.

Graduated with Merit – MSc in Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies from the UEL University of East London at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT ). “​ Are ever tightening UK building regulations the panacea to curbing residential energy use? Does social engineering of lifestyles via policy and legislation have a complementary role?”

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