Membership and Training Working Group - MET

Board Members involved with Membership and Training activities for the KNX UK Association look at ways to increase the membership, hold events for members and partners as well as offering relevant training opportunities where possible.

Website Working Group - WEB

Board Members involved with the Website activities for the KNX UK Association are always looking for ways to enhance the website and promote KNX UK via the KNX UK forum and Social media.

PR and Marketing Working Group - PRM

Board Members involved with PR & Marketing activities for the KNX UK Association work closely with our PR Company, Lynne East PR, to promote the association via various media channels.   The association is offered many opportunities to attend shows and exhibitions throughout the year and the association has to decide which events will benefit KNX UK and its members the most.

Publications & CPD Presentations - PUB

Board Members involved with the Publication and CPD activities of the association are involved in producing and maintaining various publications for the association and our members’ to use. In addition they keep the CPD presentations up to date and relevant so that can be of benefit to all our members.

The KNX UK Board welcome input to these activities from all members, please contact KNX UK Admin to discuss further how you can get involved.