The Product

The KNX Modbus Gateway RTU485 is designed for bidirectional data exchange between Modbus RTU and KNX products, enhancing the integration and functionality of building automation systems.

 This gateway supports up to 200 configurable channels and can operate as either a Modbus master or slave, offering flexibility for various applications. The device also supports a wide range of Modbus and KNX data types, ensuring universal use without the need for an additional Modbus power supply.

How does this Product demonstrate the diversity/flexibility of KNX?

The KNX Modbus Gateway RTU485’s ability to function as both a Modbus master and slave, along with support for up to 200 individual channels, showcases its adaptability across various scenarios. The gateway facilitates communication between KNX and numerous Modbus devices, such as photovoltaic inverters, energy meters, and climate control units.

The comprehensive setting options, including support for RTU and ASCII protocols and detailed diagnostic tools, demonstrate the extensive interoperability and functionality within the KNX ecosystem.

How does this Product add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers?

For building owners and occupiers, the KNX Modbus Gateway RTU485 adds significant value by streamlining the integration of Modbus devices into KNX systems. Its user-friendly features, such as channel and device templates, reduce the complexity of configuration and ensure efficient setup.

The gateway’s ability to manage up to 200 channels individually or via templates allows for tailored control over building automation functions.

Additionally, the gateway’s support for long frames reduces programming time, further simplifying maintenance and updates. These features collectively provide a seamless and intuitive experience for managing diverse building systems.

How has this product resolved an identified need for the building user?

The KNX Modbus Gateway RTU485 addresses the need for integrated and flexible building automation solutions. Traditional building management systems often struggle with interoperability between different communication protocols. This gateway bridges the gap by facilitating bidirectional communication between Modbus RTU and KNX systems, enabling unified control over various devices.

It meets the demand for efficient energy management by integrating energy meters and climate control units into a cohesive automation system.

KNX Modbus

KNX Modbus