The Project

Last year, Baulogic was approached by UK-based clients to install essential home control systems in their holiday rental property in Limousin, France. This picturesque 3-bedroom barn conversion needed a reliable and flexible system to serve both as a family retreat and a rental property.

The primary requirement was to implement remote temperature control for heating and hot water, ensuring optimal comfort for guests while maintaining energy efficiency. Baulogic’s solution involves managing the air source heat pump, underfloor heating, on-demand hot water, lighting, external electric shutters, and security systems via motion sensors and cameras. These systems can be controlled through wall switches, a touch screen, or remotely via the Baulogic app. Additionally, smoke detectors with remote alerts were included due to the wooden cladding of the house. The project is currently in the second-fix stage and is expected to be completed by September 2024.

How does this Project demonstrate the diversity/flexibility of KNX?

This project showcases the flexibility and interoperability of KNX by integrating multiple home control systems into a single, cohesive network. The ability to manage the air source heat pump, underfloor heating, on-demand hot water, lighting, shutters, and security systems demonstrates KNX’s capacity to meet diverse and specific client needs.

The remote control functionality via the Baulogic app exemplifies how KNX systems can be customised for user convenience and operational efficiency. The use of a KNX backbone ensures reliability and robustness, key attributes for a property that needs to operate seamlessly whether occupied by the owners or rental guests. The flexibility to add future functionalities, such as smart door locks, further highlights KNX’s adaptability to evolving user requirements.

How does KNX add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers

The KNX-based solution provided by Baulogic adds significant value and ease of use for both the property owners and their guests. The primary value lies in the ability to remotely control and monitor the property’s critical systems, ensuring comfort and efficiency regardless of the owners’ physical location.

The Baulogic app simplifies the management of heating, hot water, lighting, and security, making it easy to prepare the property for guest arrivals and secure it post-departure. The integration of smoke detectors with remote alerts enhances safety, particularly important due to the wooden cladding of the barn conversion.

The intuitive interface of the wall switches, touch screen, and app ensures that even non-technical users can easily operate the system. This comprehensive control system not only provides peace of mind to the owners but also enhances the guest experience by ensuring a comfortable and secure environment.

How has this project resolved an identified need for the building user and/or developer ?

This project addresses several specific needs of the building users, particularly the requirement for remote management of the property. For the UK-based owners, the ability to control heating, hot water, and security systems remotely is crucial for maintaining the property efficiently as a holiday rental. The KNX system’s reliability ensures that these critical systems operate smoothly, minimising maintenance issues and enhancing the property’s appeal to guests.

The integration of energy-saving features, such as automated temperature control and lighting management, helps reduce operational costs, making the property more sustainable and cost-effective. Additionally, the inclusion of smoke detectors with remote notifications addresses safety concerns, providing the owners with real-time alerts and the ability to respond promptly to potential hazards.