The Product

The latest V3 Software update from Zennio enhances the capabilities of the Z50, Z70, and Z100 touch panels, introducing a suite of advanced functions designed to optimise user interaction and building management.

The touch panels are equipped with 5”, 7”, and 10” backlit touch screens respectively, and support up to 180 control points distributed across multiple pages. They feature inputs for presence detectors, temperature probe or dry contacts and built in temperature probes (Z50 and Z70).

This software update brings significant enhancements such as colour temperature control, an RGB/RGBW colour wheel display, and versatile sliders for controlling dimmers, blinds, and set points. Users can now see installed licenses directly on their panels, manage user configuration backups, and implement set point limits differently for heating and cooling modes.

How does this Product demonstrate the diversity/flexibility of KNX?

Zennio’s touch panels showcase the diversity of KNX by allowing extensive customisation of control points, distributed over 12 pages and integrating with various standard installations worldwide.  Their compatibility with the Zennio Remote app, GetFace, and ZenVoice adds layers of functionality tailored to diverse user needs, from residential to commercial settings.

The V3 Software upgrade adds layered functionality that adapts to user needs in real-time. With the ability to control and customise settings such as colour temperature and RGB lighting, the system can cater to both aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

How does this Product add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers?

The Zennio touch panels offer enhanced ease of use through their intuitive interface and personalised settings, including customisable icons and multiple control point configurations. The availability of remote and voice control features minimises the complexity of managing building functions, offering a streamlined, user-friendly experience.

With features like built-in sensors and the ability to import icons via USB, these panels adapt to the specific preferences and requirements of any occupant or owner.

This software update makes the control interface more intuitive and responsive. Sliders for dimmer, blind, and temperature control allow building occupants to make adjustments quickly and efficiently, enhancing the user experience.

How has this product resolved an identified need for the building user?

Addressing the need for integrated and adaptable building control solutions, the Zennio touch panels with V3 software bridge the gap between traditional building management systems and modern, user-centred technology. The integration of voice and app-based controls caters to the increasing demand for smart, responsive building environments.

These panels can be tailored to meet the evolving needs of building users, enhancing both security and functionality without the need for complex, disruptive installation processes.

V3 software Upgrade