Mastering Building Technologies for Tomorrow’s Needs

At KNX UK, the national group dedicated to disseminating information about KNX technology, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and resources. These educational tools are designed to equip building professionals with advanced knowledge of KNX technology and its applications, ensuring they stay at the forefront of industry innovations.

Useful Record-Keeping

As an NICEIC member, KNX UK Chair Iain Gordon of GES Digital, appreciates the need for keeping records of CPD activities throughout the year. –  “I am responsible for keeping records of my own CPD and that of my staff. I know how useful it can be when a CPD certificate arrives via post or email to help me keep track. We have now made this facility available for anyone accessing KNX UK CPD resources via our website or the many public and private presentations that are delivered each year.”

KNX UK CPD offerings include a diverse array of topics, such as:

  • Introduction to KNX, providing an overview of the KNX open protocol, its history, and its importance in home and building automation.
  • KNX System Architecture, explaining the architecture of a KNX based system, including devices, bus topology, and communication protocols.
  • Programming and Configuration, how to program and configure KNX devices to perform specific functions within a building automation system.
  • Integration and Interoperability, discussing how KNX integrates with other systems and protocols, ensuring interoperability and compatibility
  • Advanced Applications, exploring advanced features and applications of KNX, such as energy management, security, and multimedia control.
  • Case Studies, presenting real-world examples and case studies of KNX installations, demonstrating its practical applications and benefits.
  • Intelligent Lighting & Energy Management, why current and proposed changes in legislation are driving the need for a single platform for lighting, HVAC, shading and peripheral services.
  • Sustainability of Energy Management Systems, why futureproof technologies are needed to make sense of sustainable, energy efficient buildings.
  • Homes for Life, why we should be creating homes that easily adapt to life changes for a more compassionate and sustainable society.

KNX is the only worldwide standard, supported and continually developed by over 500 manufacturers worldwide.  It is backwards compatible by design and all KNX certified products are rigorously and independently tested to ensure complete interoperability.  This provides futureproofing, interoperability and can reduce installation time, cost and resources.

As a non-profit trade association, KNX UK is committed to raising awareness and educating industry professionals. All CPD content is meticulously crafted to enhance the capabilities of architects, engineers, construction professionals, and building managers, empowering them to effectively design, implement, and maintain KNX-based automation systems effectively.

Industry feedback underscores the value of our CPD resources:

“The feedback we are getting is that while it is important to keep up date with CPD requirements, the Consultants we are talking to are genuinely more interested in learning more about KNX technology” Paul Jones, B.E.G.Luxomat

“Many contractors have no idea where to start when choosing smart building controls and many have no idea of the benefits of bringing it all together with KNX technology, so having CPD resources to share with them is really helpful.” Lee Martin, Steinel

KNX UK encourages all building professionals to explore our CPD resources and earn valuable CPD points.

Access our hub of CPD resources, start advancing your professional knowledge today and join us in shaping the future of the built environment through education and awareness.