After months of preparation, Futurebuild 2024 finally came to fruition last week and KNX UK was delighted to be invited for a second year running to present three seminars on the importance of sustainable interoperable building control systems.

The show was buzzing with professionals from diverse backgrounds and different perspectives, but all keen to improve the sustainability of the buildings of the future.

We were joined by Theben and JUNG, which enabled us to demonstrate the interoperability of KNX and new members iDaC Solutions were also in the KNX hub.

Our stand was manned by expert Integrators from Channel Smart Buildings, Baker Stone Systems, GES Digital and Household Automation and there was a great deal of interest in the KNX Open Protocol from architects, consultants, educators and envronmental groups. The support of members on the stand meant we were able to put our message across from many different perspectives : design, practicalities of installation, assisted living, scalability and sustainability issues.

For anyone who still isn’t sure, KNX isn’t a manufacturer or a system – although it is used by over 500 manufacturers worldwide to link a diverse range of devices and functionalities into one cohesive platform, creating opportunities for truly bespoke and adaptable BMS in large and small applications.

KNX isn’t a company it is an association of manufacturers, developers and installers who provide the freedom and flexibility of a backward compatible and thereby future-proof solution to building controls. It is a collaboration of technology designed to improve the daily lives of users in a much more sustainable way. Once a BMS is built on a KNX core system, individual components can be added removed or updated without the need (ever) to replace the core system. Being present in person in a way that hasn’t been possible for us for some years, enabled us to get this message across and we would like to thank everyone for their assistance in making this possible.

The KNX UK Seminars focused on sustainable, cost effective solutions to the challenges faced by current and future generations. 

Trevor Baldwin of B.E.G. and Paul Foulkes of Theben, presented the case for specifying and planning building controls at the beginning of the design process as beneficial to the developer, designer, client and end-user. Creating sustainable, adaptable systems from the outset requires using technology that will evolve with technological advances and legislative changes. This technology is freely and easily available and should be used as standard in every building project that seeks to be socially and environmentally responsible.

Iain Gordon, GES Digital and Paul Foulkes, Theben, also Chair and Vice Chair of KNX UK – teamed up to discuss the sustainability of systems designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and questioned how sustainable these can be if replacement is required every 5 – 10 years.

Iain and Paul, teamed up again on the last day and presented a masterclass which focused on a single room and all the considerations of environmental responsibility, diverse needs and comfort levels that are required for intelligent energy efficient buildings.

The seminars were all really well attended and we had some fantastic feedback from businesses, environmental groups and individuals all keen to know more. Many seeking new ways of using the technology for diverse projects and applications. We are very grateful to the Futurebuild Team for partnering with us to bring this information to such a great audience and we look forward to continuing to support and work with this show in the future.

Thanks to all for making this show such a success for us. In particular, I would like to thank our members who gave up their valuable time and supported us on neighbouring stands, on the KNX UK Stand and in our three seminars

Ethan Dallas, Channel Smart Buildings, Andy Baker, Baker Stone Systems,  Iain Gordon, GES Digital, Andy Ellis, Household Automation, Paul Foulkes, Theben UK –  Graham Oliver, Amelia Caine, Martin Hawley and Paul Spicer from JUNG UK –  Iain Gordon, GES Digital – Trevor Baldwin, B.E.G. – and also to our newest members iDaC Solutions

And of course, none of this would be possible without the partnership of the incredibly helpful and supportive Futurebuild Team to whom we are very grateful Julia Laguette, Frances Frost and Matt Tyrrell

The show was a huge success for us and our members and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to take part.

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