The Product

Machined from solid brass and hand finished in the UK, the TAP-5 ORE switch is the pinnacle of KNX switch technology. Behind the stunning 8mm thick brass front plate, the KNX coupler offers KNX integrators a huge range of powerful functions making the TAP5 ORE KNX as technically powerful as it is aesthetically beautiful.

  • Solid, 5 gang switch plates for KNX installations. –
  • Control your lights, lighting scenes, blinds, curtains, and more. –
  • Integrated temperature sensor. –
  • Adjustable status feedback LEDs for subtle, sharp illumination of the selected scene or lighting circuit status. –
  • LED notification options to notify users of system actions such as doorbell pressed.
  • Hand finished and manufactured in the UK.
  • Capacitive touch technology.
  • Multi-tap options. – PIR blocking. – Day / Night mode.
  • 5 Function types – switching, dimming, scenes, blinds and advanced value sending.
  • Custom engraving available.

The latest ETS .knxprod file can be downloaded in ETS using the online catalogue. This product can only be used with ETS5 and ETS6.

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How does this Product demonstrate the diversity/flexibility of KNX?

The TAP5 – ORE KNX boasts a huge range of KNX features, each button can be configured to any of the function types available on the product including switching, dimming, scenes, blinds, and advanced value sending with a huge range of datapoint types including HVAC and RGB, a 2nd value sending object can also be configured. In the advanced value sending menu different values can be sent on press / release / long press / short press / double tap button interactions.

The Smart Scene Plate functionality allows powerful scene control with the central button on the switch always used for toggle on/off. If the room is off, a tap on the middle button will trigger the last scene used first programmed scene, if any of the lights in the room are on, a tap on the middle button will turn the room all off.

The powerful Smart Scene Plate feature allows the KNX integrator to create an intuitive switch layout with ease. The integrated temperature sensor gives accurate temperature reporting to the KNX bus, allowing for zonal; temperature control to be achieved without the need for any other bulky, standalone temperature sensors in the room. Threshold objects are available for further temperature monitoring functions.

Faradite have included a number of useful diagnostics tools as well, including a heartbeat mode that will monitor the devices KNX bus connection, a tamper object which can alert maintenance that a switch has been removed from the wall, and a cleaning object which blocks switch functionality for a set time so the switch plate can be cleaned.

How does this Product add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers?

The TAP5 – ORE KNX switch features status feedback LED lights that gently illuminate the 4 corners of the switch. For example, these LEDs can be used to indicate the selected lighting scene. There are also 3 notification LED options that can be used to notify users of events around the building, such as, doorbell notifications, alarm status, and many others.

The feedback status LEDs can also be configured to be permanently on at a reduced brightness to provide a subtle orientation light. Day / Night modes can be utilised to adjust the performance of the feedback LEDs depending on the time of day. The day / night mode can also be used to change which lighting scene is triggered during day and night time operation.

The PIR blocking feature allows users to override PIR functionality when the switch has been used to manually adjust the room, even when used for scene control.

How has this product resolved an identified need for the building user?

The TAP-5 ORE range offers a visually stunning, premium, solid brass, hand finished aesthetic for the most discerning of KNX users. The simplicity of room control delivered by our ‘Smart scene plate’ configuration option ensure the user will get the optimum usability from the keypad as described by Faradite from the very first introduction to the keypad.

The Smart scene plate configuration is quick and easy for the KNX integrator in ETS as we have taken great care to design intuitive user experience from inception to end user.