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Iain Gordon Chair KNX UK

Iain Gordon, Chair of KNX UK National Group, attended the KNX Association executive board NorthStar conference in Frankfurt during January 2024.

Iain represented the UK, one of 3 national groups who were invited to provide regional input on the future development of KNX.

The 2 day conference took the form of a workshop, hosted by external marketing specialists, who broke down barriers between all participants, which included many senior executives from very large global manufacturers. The sessions, all of which were short, focused and dynamic, generated huge amounts of data and thought about how to keep the community empowered and how to make sure it remains relevant for the next 30 years. The outcomes will be released over the coming months and we hope will clearly show that KNX is an always changing and always innovating community.

Iain’s input, as both a UK National group member but also as a customer, was acknowledged as being critical for the board to understand the nuances of the industry.

Iain has said that “The conference was hosted at the ZVEH building, home of Germany’s electrical standards authority, but more importantly, the very same building used in 1990 to formalise KNX (then EIB) as the standard we all know and love.

The variety and depth of discussion was superb. The level of engagement and genuine commitment to our favourite building control protocol was evident at every level. The idea’s generated were all very encouraging, and I have every confidence that the executive board will enact the findings in short order.

I consider it vital for the end users, the installing engineers, to have a voice in making sure that what we work with continues to provide the everyday solution we all are fully committed to.”

The future looks very bright for KNX, and with meetings such as these forming part of the onward strategy, we can all be confident that KNX will continue to be at the forefront of building controls for a very long and healthy future.

KNX KEB NorthStar meeting