Hitesh Vaghela L I

Hitesh Vaghela


KNX UK Manufacturer Board Member Candidate 2024

Please tell us about your experience with KNX.
I have over 10 years experience in KNX with strong focus on Sales, Design and Technical. Worked for international brands and well known in the KNX community in UK and Ireland. I enjoy promoting the technology to customers and demonstrating the advantages against any other systems out there.

How you would like to contribute to the continuing development of the Association?
I would focus on raising the profile of KNX (workshops & training) and leveraging on the benefits to the end customers and users.

Why should members vote for you?
I am very passionate about the technology and how it can transform peoples lives and help save the planet. KNX needs to be heavily promoted to architects, home owners, developers, building services engineers and to government. My vision is that every building or home should have an automation system. Raising the profile of KNX and creating demand is what I do best!

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