The Product

KNX DALI gateways offer a widespread and cost-efficient way of controlling DALI luminaires within KNX installations.

The new JUNG KNX DALI-2 Gateway enables integrators to adjust the color temperature and brightness of LED luminaires independently or in combination. This provides building occupants with the right light for any time of day and year, simulating daylight and promoting well-being.

How does this Product demonstrate the diversity/flexibility of KNX?

As DALI and KNX connect devices via a data line, the JUNG KNX DALI-2 Gateway enables control and monitoring of individual luminaires through the KNX system by transmitting commands bidirectionally. In the maximum configuration, this can control up to 64 luminaires individually. These can be combined into as many as 16 DALI groups for the creation of scenes, even after commissioning.

How does this Product add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers?

Using the KNX DALI 2 gateway, the colour control and brightness of individual luminaires or entire luminaire groups can be controlled, allowing for dimming of the light or switching between different lighting scenarios.

 For example, the behaviour of an incandescent lamp can be adjusted by changing the colour temperature to the warmer range when dimming and changing to the cooler range when making brighter.

How has this product resolved an identified need for the building user?

This lighting control solution can be used in commercial properties, detached homes and apartments to control the lighting and save energy.

One of the main functions of DALI 2 is the continuous dimming of LED luminaires. The adaptation of the brightness to the actual requirements of the users prevents unnecessary energy consumption. Moreover, DALI 2 supports presence and movement detection.