The Product

The Siemens Touch Control TC5 room HMI from the GAMMA portfolio

How does this Product demonstrate the diversity/flexibility of KNX?

This room HMI allows control of lighting, shading, HVAC, ventilation and media solutions. The unit is designed to to fit into residential or commercial environments and provide an easy to use and adaptable HMI .

How does this Product add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers?

This room HMI allows building owners/occupiers to reduce number of wall mounted devices down to a single option ensuring spaces look elegant and well designed.

TC5 2 Andy Davis

TC5 2 Andy Davis

How has this product resolved an identified need for the building user?

This product was designed to deliver easy to use controls in clean easy to use design addressing the need to have multiple disciplines a room.

What makes this product award worthy? 

This product works seamlessly with ETS6 and provides KNX engineers as well as building owners and occupiers an easy to use interface to access all required disciplines. The options of black and white units and well as landscape or portrait mounting make it very versatile and able to fit into many different types of spaces. Additional details and images are available on these websites..