Come along and meet the experts

– International Manufacturers, System Designers and Trainers.

See new products, learn how to make your automated and human-centric projects not only come to life today, but adapt and change in the years ahead. Demonstrations and displays from:

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For electrical contracting professionals and students, this conference is an immersive educational opportunity. Through live demonstrations, attendees can gain practical, hands-on experience with cutting-edge KNX products and services, enhancing their skills and competencies.

The conference will also provide actionable insights and best practices that attendees can immediately implement in their own projects, helping them deliver higher quality, more efficient, and technologically advanced solutions to their clients.

 “Come and find out why, and how your projects can benefit from making the KNX choice right from the start.”– Iain Gordon, MD, GES Digital and KNX UK Chair

See our 2023 KNX UK Awards Finalists –  come along and meet the people behind the Product Innovations and Diverse Projects being showcased, at the conference on 27th September .

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