LS Touch – the smart KNX room control from KNX UK Manufacturer JUNG

LS TOUCH combines intuitive operation of the KNX functions with visualisation for comprehensive individual room control.

It covers up to 32 KNX functions per device and is an extension to the classic KNX LS990, bringing all the operations and functionality into one device.

It features a high quality glass display that allows the users to centrally control a room; switching or dimming lights, moving blinds or controlling the temperature. Up to eight weekly timers allow users to control different functions at different times (e.g. in the evening, the lighting in the living room has the focus). Furthermore, users can change the times, change favourites and adapt the menu: grid size, number of pages and layout can be adapted individually.

Key features of the LS TOUCH:

  • 32 KNX functions
  • Proximity and brightness sensor
  • External input for additional sensor, e.g. installation push-buttons
  • Alarm messages and warnings acoustically too
  • Up to eight logic functions
  • Room thermostat and four controller extensions
  • Three favourite pages, each with up to four functions
  • Commissioning with ETS
  • Intuitive menus
  • High-resolution touch display
  • Changes possible by users

Installation and design options

LS TOUCH is connected with a 1-gang frame from the JUNG LS 990 or LS ZERO ranges and is available in a variety of materials and colours. The unique genuine metal versions in the ranges are ideal for the design of LS TOUCH.  The LS ZERO is also available to allow for flush installation where subtlety is key to design.

Both ranges are available in the 63 Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours. For every frame colour, the fitting background colour is stored in the user interface.


JUNG | Agentur Richter | Styling: Annett Janowiak | AD: Michael Sandmaier Agentur Richter | Fotografie: Constantin Meyer