MDT – Glass Push Button II Smart

In 2022 we welcomed The UK division of German manufacturer, MDT Technologies to the KNX UK community as a manufacturing member.

MDT has been exclusively developing and manufacturing KNX certified products since 2009. Every day thousands of high quality products leave their factory for use in residential and commercial KNX projects across Europe and beyond.

Latest innovation from MDT – Glass Push Button II Smart

Released in October 2022 for the Light + Building show, the new series of the Glass Push Button II Smart Series 0.2 is available in an elegant white or black glass finish, with or without a temperature sensor. Dependent on the application settings, a black or white display colour can be applied in variation (Day / Night operation). Or selected as a permanent black / white screen which is then enhanced with the new modern-coloured icons. Standby operation allows for up to six informative KNX values to be displayed, i.e. generated kW, consumed kW, supplied by the MDT Energy Meter in combination with installed Photovoltaic panels. These innovative features provide specifiers and end users with a combination of aesthetical design and KNX functionality.

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New mapping function for convenient function allocation

For efficient programming, the new MDT Glass Push-Button II Smart Series .02 uses a new mapping function. The planned single or double use of the sensor surface is defined and the function and display mode per level 2*6 or 3*4 are allocated. The given advantage is; if a new allocation from level one to level two needs to be conducted then it can be implemented without regenerating group addresses as the defined functions remain.

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Control up to 12 functions from one product

MDT has gone a step further in the functionality of the Glass Push-Button II Smart Series .02: innovative group control with additional long and extra-long press (operation) to the normal press (operation). The added features allow as an example activation of three independent channels of an actuator using three separate group addresses based on how long the sensor surface is touched.

The ‘Slap’ function that has become popular in their push button ranges as a central On / Off has been functionally extended in the new Series, in addition to On / Off, further functions such as, Dimming, Scene Control, Blinds or Values are now possible giving the end user a wider choice dependent on the requests.

This is just one of the KNX products MDT technologies are constantly refining and tuning to provide the highest possible value for their customers, see their Smart Home and Building Technology Catalogue for more detail.