Intesis 700 Series – Product Showcase

KNX UK manufacturing member Intesis, part of HMS Networks, create building products that enable industrial equipment to communicate and share information.

700 Series – KNX Protocol Translators

The IN700 Series enables a series of gateways with common connectivity, where users can define which application they need using the Intesis configuration software MAPS. They provide BACnet, DALI, M-Bus or ModBus communication to your KNX installations and have been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of building automation projects.

Intesis KNX solutions offer a perfect integration in any KNX project thanks to the availability of multiple standard DPT (Data Point Types). Connecting directly to the KNX TP-1 bus, they behave as any other device in the KNX system, with the same configuration and operational characteristics.

Intesis 700

Intesis 700

What are the benefits for Integrators and BMS specifiers?

  • Integration flexibility thanks to KNX TP, RS485, Ethernet, DALI or M-Bus interfaces.
  • Scaled licences per number of datapoints help finding the right gateway version for your project.

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