Creating intelligent homes for diverse needs, capable of endless adaptations as technology advances and needs change is actually quite simple.

– All you need is a single platform to connect all your services together  – Is there such a platform? – Oh yes!!

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Find out more – Homes for Life Seminar, Futurebuild, ExCel, London – 3.30 pm, Wednesday 8th March 2023 

Despite the financial, sustainability and personal costs to keep moving homes, it is often necessary when the needs of the occupants change, due to age, health or personal injury. This session aims to demonstrate how we can tackle the need to adapt our homes in response to changing personal needs. The KNX open protocol was designed from the outset to be backwards compatible, making it possible to design a living space that will continue to adapt and be updated, increasing the lifetime of the building and the comfort of the occupant.

Presented by: Paul Foulkes, Theben UK/KNX UK Vice Chair, Paul Doyle, Independent Consultant Engineer, Martin Hawley, Key Account Manager, Jung UK

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