In 2022 we welcomed AME Electrical to KNX UK as an Integrator member. Led by Aidan McErlean, AME have been operating in Northern Ireland as an electrical contractor since 2006.

When Aidan installed a smart home automation system into his own home in 2015 he initially opted for an Elan system, but discovered some restrictions with it. The control system didn’t offer a solution for automating lighting. He explored using KNX as an alternative, having been exposed to it through his electrical distributor.

With the help of a specialist contractor Aidan installed a KNX based system throughout his home, learning the basics of the programming as he went. Seeing the future of KNX through the results he achieved in his own home, Aidan become an advocate for the non-proprietary system in Northern Ireland, where until then there had been little awareness of the benefits of the technology.  With very few integrators in the country he recognised this as a market opportunity.

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Over the next couple of years AME Electrical had the opportunity to install KNX into a number of residential properties, inspired by Aidan’s experiences of the smart home system. An external contractor was brought in to manage the KNX programming aspect of the projects until in 2020 Aidan formalised his KNX Partner status and became a certified Integrator himself. By this time, he already had good knowledge and understanding of the protocol and its benefits, but the training allowed him to implement the correct processes for efficient installations.

Aidan is passionate about KNX technology – ‘It gives you complete control over a system. There’s so much you can do with it’

‘The ability to turn all functions off in a home remotely is brilliant. You can drive away from your house, realise the lights are still on and turn them all off from the app.’

‘Financially at the outset it might cost you slightly more than some control systems, but you’ll have that control forever and the financial investment will soon be returned. It saves time too, and for a busy person this is game changing.’

AME have been steadily growing in Northern Ireland as a KNX integrator and traditional electrical contracting business. He has installed a demo room in his home so that prospective new KNX users can experience the benefits of KNX for themselves.

Focused on growth, Aidan recognises the importance of being part of the KNX UK community and the opportunities that the network presents for his business. Since joining last year, he has been engaging with other KNX UK members across his marketing channels and has already seen an impact on the exposure AME Electrical is getting as a KNX integrator.

We look forward to showcasing their projects soon.