KNX UK is all about collaboration and that’s exactly what’s happening at the BEMCO/Theben Workshop day on 14th February.  Two of our active members coming together to provide a day packed with hands on demonstrations and practical learning. Not only that, but the day is split into separate modules, so if you can’t make the whole, you can book the parts that interest you most –  totally in-keeping with the spirit of KNX!

We asked BEMCO Director, Julian Barkes about the day and he was happy to tell us more..

“We’re delighted to facilitate a unique technical workshop for KNX system integrators, with Theben’s support. Less power point, more hands on practical training. Our London location (Wandsworth) and the staggered timing for each product means that integrators can target a specific slot it they can’t make the full day. We’re hopeful this new format proves popular and adds real value for our customers”.

Bemco Theben Workshop pic

Bemco Theben Workshop pic

Paul Foulkes of Theben added: “It’s important for us to show the peoducts working, where attendees can get hands on, more than just siting through a powepoint presentation.  These are some of the core KNX products for Theben.  Being able to experience them at  the same time; to appreciate how they could come together for a solution, is important.”

You can book your place for the whole or part of the day right here – enjoy!