Last month, Light + Building the worlds leading event for lighting and building technology, bought the industry together again after the Covid-related break.

KNX UK Members Ivory Egg went along to the event and bought back with them the key knowledge and insights from the world of KNX and building automation.

On the 20th October they hosted an event to share their top picks and hot news from Light + Building for anyone who was unable to make it.

Ivory Egg Light and Building round up London

Ivory Egg KNX UK Membership

Light + Building comes to you…

The event was held in a dedicated space at the Gridiron Building in Pancras Square, London where Ivory Egg presented guest speakers from some of the most respected and well-known KNX brands. The guests shared knowledge of what’s new and available for upcoming KNX projects.

The team also shared their top picks of what’s new in the world of building intelligence.

Ivory Egg Director and KNX UK Board Member, Mark Warburton, presented on the topic of KNX UK membership and the benefits it has bought for their business.

He commented after the event  “We had an amazing turnout with over 40 integrators in attendance which was great to see and very encouraging of the work we are doing in the market”.

If you missed the event and would like to know more about KNX UK membership and the benefits it could have for your business, please get in touch with us at