Cyber Security to Climate change

On the 15th June 2022, KNX UK members and thought leaders came together at the KNX UK CPD event to discuss and debate some of our industry’s hot topics.

The event, held in Farnborough and led by KNX UK, had the main objective of up-skilling integrators, developers, designers, architects and consultants in KNX and its value in the future of construction.

The panel discussed three main topics; cyber security, Part L Building regulation changes and energy targets. Members were able to provide real life examples of KNX in both residential and commercial settings. Applications of KNX to support these topics included the control of lighting, HVAC, AV, security, safety protocols, energy efficiency, assisted living requirements, blind and shading controls.

By popular demand, we recorded the sessions and have made the videos available to anyone who was unable to attend the event.  Being a part of the discussion, even in retrospect, will provide valuable education and count towards RIBA and CIBSE CPD requirements. The topics covered in the sessions will likely be things you’re already discussing with clients and project stakeholders…make sure you have the knowledge to make recommendations based on a single architecture that won’t ever require a complete system re-design. No matter what the future of construction holds.

The three discussions are available to watch on our YouTube channel…

Cyber Security and KNX

Iain Gordon, GES Digital in discussion with Rafal Borek, Home of Technologies, about Smart Home Installations and Cyber Security. Learn how to secure your home from remote intruders.

View the full discussion here

Building Regulations and KNX

Paul Foulkes, Theben AG and Iain Gordon, GES Digital discuss the changes to Buildings Regulations, Part l, Part F and the new Part O in the context of building management, heating, cooling and making the most of solar gain.

View the full discussion here

Meeting Energy Targets with KNX

Paul Jones, BEG UK & Ireland, talks about the challenges of meeting energy targets for UK construction projects, with Iain Gordon, GES Digital and Paul Foulkes, Theben AG.

View the full discussion here