2022 KNX UK Award Highly Commended

Residential Project- Baulogic Great Glen

How does this Project demonstrate the diversity of KNX?

Baulogic integrates the best of KNX products into a single smart home system controlling all essential home functions. This project, a typical 4 bedroom modern house for JDU Developments Ltd in Great Glenn, Leicestershire required lighting, heating, security and the future option to add automated blinds. It was simply installed by the developers’ own electrician, no external specialist required. Baulogic curated an integrated modular system based on KNX devices offering the developer the power of a universal KNX system at a price point to match the build budget. For this project, the electrician installed modules for: • dimmable and switched lighting • gas boiler control for hot water and heating • advanced multi-zone underfloor heating • dedicated towel rail circuit with scheduled/boosted control • motion sensors for both convenience and security • future option for automated blinds and curtains It was delivered in a factory-made sealed panel with recognised push-fit plugs for all connections. Baulogic uniquely features a backplate which was installed at first fix to reserve space in the busy plant room and provide a target for first fix wiring. The overall system was delivered pre-configured allowing the electrician to install, test and handover a complete home automation package in a matter of hours.

How does this Project demonstrate a synergistic approach to building use?

This developer was looking to future proof the project, and wanted to respond to homeowners’ demands for greater flexibility and control of essential home functions. They see more than ever people using their homes as a place to work as well as relax or socialise, and energy efficiency is becoming a greater priority for both cost and environmental reasons. Baulogic, powered by KNX, enables homeowners to stay effortlessly in control and connected to their homes at all times. Using Baulogic’s own software and a range of KNX devices, we provided the developer with a reliable residential control system suitable for the broadest range of future homeowners. Lighting, heating and blind automation were priorities in the project’s KNX wired infrastructure, which are controlled not only by a touch screen but also smart light switches, phone app and Alexa voice control. By using KNX, Baulogic offered the developer the option to upsell had any future homebuyer shown interest in more advanced functions. The homebuyer could be confident that with a system based on KNX their investment is secure as compatible devices will exist in the long-term.

How does KNX add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers

Baulogic made considerable investments in its user interface software to ensure the entire system was intuitive and could be used with confidence by any member of the household whatever their technical know-how. By implementing core features and providing the user with the capability to edit parameters, the user has broad control over their system and much reduced reliance of remote support of the installer or supplier. This is a step away from the typical reliance on installers or dealers, a reliance which is normally expensive and uncertain. Furthermore, on the standard control pages no change to settings is permanent. Permanent edits to system parameters such as scene settings, or heating schedules are all in a clearly identified in a separate ‘Settings’ space, re-enforcing user confidence. Baulogic specifically addresses the challenge of homeowner expectations with regard to UFH response times and complexities of multi-zone heating programming. Removing over-used room thermostats in favour of temperature readings from light switches, focusing on a simple scheduling interface on the touch panel, and making full use of KNX heating control logic, altogether ensures room temperatures accurately and optimally follow the scheduled target..

What functionality is achieved using KNX for this project?

Thanks to Baulogic and KNX, the homeowners have complete control of the multi-zone underfloor heating, hot water, towel rails and lighting throughout in a single interface. With KNX devices in our modular panels and all rooms, the homeowners’ experience is unified further with Baulogic touch panel and mobile App. A wired KNX solution in this new build removed the challenges of radio-based installations so the system was installed with confidence that it would work throughout the house. The system was installed with simple and intuitive JUNG F10/F40 switches in all rooms, and MDT Push Button Smart 86 display switches at the main access points. With integrated temperature sensors, all switches in the home contribute to the control of lighting, heating and future blind automation. Motion detection for convenience and security using Zennio EyeZen sensors. A particular favourite of the new homeowner is the Goodbye control from the front door light switch which activates an ‘Unoccupied’ mode. A single button press turns off lights, sets back heating and repurposes motion sensors to provide security notifications to their smartphone. In contrast to noisy and unsettling alarm systems, this silent operation ensures all ages of homeowner return home confidently knowing there has been no movement detected in their house.

Why use KNX for this project?

Baulogic believes that every new home should be built with wired smart home technology. It enables a lifestyle where homeowners can be effortlessly in control and always connected to their homes. Using KNX, Baulogic is bringing smart home technology beyond the luxury homes market, making it accessible, easy-to-use and affordable for all new homes. Wiring control infrastructure into the fabric of this new home was the best guarantee of reliability. KNX provided a broad range of compatible devices and enabled control of all essential home functions, including heating/cooling, lighting, ambience, security, entry systems and the day-to-day management of energy consumption.

Even the KNX cable was specified to an extent that it was easily routed by the electrician and the device connections required no special skills or tools. The options provided by KNX allowed the developer and Baulogic to be responsive to the future homeowner’s appetite for home automation. Be that simple control and being connected, to potentially more sophisticated features such as smart events linking sensors, data and automation. Recognition of KNX as a worldwide standard gives the architect, developer and future homeowners an assurance that their home control is reliable, secure, futureproof and of the highest quality.