2022 KNX UK Award Winner – Theben thePixa optical presence detector

How does this Product demonstrate the diversity of KNX?

This single device brings together the power of optical sensing technology with the communication of BLE, the functionality of an app and the security and capabilities of KNX. It highlights how KNX, and the devices within it are not limited by one technology or one communication option. KNX sits at the heart of building automation and this device showcases the best outcomes possible.

How does this Product add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers? 
Optical detection allows for accurate distinct area management. Once commissioned in ETS the definition of up to 6 zones and installation parameters are carried out via the app. Output information such as person counting and heatmaps is all visible via the app. Due to the use of an app to control local functions and access tarffic data the owner operator retains significant levels of control. If an office layout changes then changes to the device can be made locally without the need to engage an integrator. Even changes to installation height can be input from the app.

What functionality is realised by this KNX Product? 

With the thePixa optical presence detector sensor technology becomes smart. It allows a multitude of new applications beyond a PIR: person counting and heatmaps are specific functions and having upto 6 zones in the detection area , each with a distinct channel enables precise control of lighting or HVAC dependent upon occupancy. You have the possibility of switching or constant lighting control with 6 independent control systems and standby function (orientation light), including switching mode with dimmable lighting from a single device. There are 3 configurable thresholds for HVAC use, which can be linked to occupancy levels, meaning ventilation control can be pro-actively based on the number of people in a space, as opposed to reacting to high levels of CO2. All the functions come together to make a powerful and very effective space management device

What makes this product award worthy?

Bringing together the control capabilities of KNX with the optical sensor developed by Theben adds a new dimension to space occupancy monitoring. Ceiling mounted with a 360deg sensing area means it can be installed in the usual manner, or it can easily replace an existing KNX detector. Even though it is an optical sensor it is fully GDPR compliant. And of course it is a KNX data secure device. By using an app as the principal interface for the end user enables the management of the functions to be carried out locally. Quick changes and updates are possible, even product firmware updates are carried out over the local BLE connection. And, of course, the app is available as a free download to a phone or tablet, no specialised equipment is required.