2022 KNX UK Awards Product Finalist – Jung KNX LED Controller 5gang

How does this Product demonstrate the diversity of KNX?

The LED controller is available as rail mounted or in line, with dimming control for LED modules, LED spots, Halogen lamps, Incandescent lamps

How does this Product add value and ease of use for building owners/occupiers? 
With KNX Secure the LED Controller has secured communication and protection against manipulation giving the installer and client confidence against potential threats. With an integrated energy and cost meter, there is a transparency about the energy costs of the connected lighting circuits and with its increased number of dimmed circuits from 4 to 5 – giving value to both client and integrator.

How does this product demonstrate a synergistic approach to building use? 

With a dimmer for colour temperature, coloured light control – RGB / HSV.
Human-centric lighting HCL, Different dimming characteristics settable (soft dimming, deep-down dimming) Integrated scenes, pre-defineable sequences, bring ease of use to the client with the LED Controller, the client can have each room exactly how they want it.

What functionality is realised by this KNX Product? 

Multiple functions like staircase lighting function, disabling function, measurement + meter function. Electronic over temperature protection. This LED controller 5 gang also benefits from being a KNX Secure device. Human centric lighting. five channels of dimming. free-configuration of those channels. compact four rail units device.

What makes this product award worthy?

The new JUNG LED controllers are PWM dimmers of the premium class and provide further unique selling points in addition to the familiar functions. The support of RGBCCT luminaires is unique so far. Functionalities such as daylight simulation (HCL), automatic imitation of the colour temperature of incandescent lamps (Dim2Warm) and extended colour temperature spectrum (TW-/RGB-Extended) are also rarely found in such devices