KNX UK calls on design community to champion open smart control.

It has been inspiring to see the breadth and depth of the panel membership at the Futurebuild conference, a key event with which KNX UK is partnering again this year. (ExCel 1-3 March 2022)

We want to take this opportunity to remind architects, designers and engineers about KNX. It is the world leading manufacturer-independent open control protocol – the language that enables all building controls to talk to each other and make intelligent decisions in real time about how applications can work together efficiently and flexibly.

KNX is futureproof (backward compatibility avoids product redundancy), flexible and scalable from a house to a high rise or whole district or quarter. Oh, and as a bus- based systems it can save miles of materials-intensive wiring.

So as an underlying automation platform, it answers a lot of the questions being asked by the builders, designers, planners and strategists who are influencing the future of the built environment.

Join us for the KNX UK Annual Conference 1st March.
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What KNX UK hopes is that everyone involved in design and build thinks more about the fundamental importance of intelligent building control, and that the do so very early in the project process. When KNX UK first visited Futurebuild several years ago, we saw a lot of blank faces from architects and designers at our stand. We’ve seen that changing over the years: there is a growing awareness of the importance of an open-source, manufacturer-independent control standard, and we really want to keep up the momentum.

Quite simply, we will all miss huge opportunities to create efficient buildings if we persist with islands of proprietary automation. We cannot let ourselves keep thinking of control as the final fix. Open thinking, made possible by the KNX standard, needs to be embedded in all our plans from day 1.