Celebrating the Release of KNX ETS6

The release of ETS6, the latest version of the KNX software tool that integrates over 8000 compatible products offered by more than 500 manufacturers takes the global open standard for integrated building control to new levels.

For integrators new to KNX and the opportunities that can only be offered by a global standard based on open-source technology, training for KNX Partner qualification is now available.

For smarter integrators already building smarter, flexible, and future-proof systems based on KNX, the KNX UK Association is planning a one-day hands-on event in London on 26 November. Get in touch to find out more. or Book your ticket here

ETS6 – what’s new?

Browser-like interface with flexible drag-and-drop tab and window handling. Multiple windows it easy to check and compare data within a project or between multiple projects. Breadcrumb navigation makes navigation between files easier.

Cloud licensing as an alternative to dongles.

Adaptive dashboard quickly finds and accesses projects using metadata, such as the project cover picture, project type, tags, and icons.

Enhanced Project Archive with extended collaboration features enabling multiple people to work on the same project.

Optimised ‘Link with’ dialogue creates, remembers, and links Group Addresses together easily, its also quicker to link Group Objects with Group Addresses.

ETS6 Security builds on and improves the functionalities offered by ETS5 Professional for dealing with KNX Data Secure and KNX IP Secure devices.

KNX Segment Couplers are extensions of media couplers that connects line segments together, regardless of their media type.

KNX Security Proxy Is a coupler extension for retrofitting existing installations with secure devices without having to remove all the existing plain KNX devices.

KNX RF Multi Devices is a reliable and robust wireless incorporating mandatory security support.

KNX IoT System connects KNX to the ‘non-KNX world’ and enables semantic project information and tagging which, in ETS6, covers locations, functions, function points, channels, group objects, and more.