Ever been bemused by those social media posts that just seem to be a list of hashtags – the “spray and pray” approach to communications?

In a recent ‘vodcast’ chat between KNX UK Board Member Nikita Thompson of smart home integrator Mosaic AV and the KNX Association’s marketing executive Christian Stahn we were told that popular hashtags are #renewables. #electriccars, #energystorage and #smarthome which is about half your Twitter character count before you start. Luckily KNX brings it all together with #KNXEnergyManagement.

The conversation is worth a listen as, within time constraints Nikita and Christian discussed wide-ranging issues, agreeing that storage is essential if we are to use renewable energy round the clock, but that home batteries may be a transitional technology until we achieve the real goal of grid-level storage.

Or how about going completely off-grid? Nikita says she’d love to work on a project like that.  And why not?  The model thinking is there in the KNX Awards 202 award-winning E-Haus.  We’re pleased to see how many of our KNX UK manufacturer members are at the leading edge and involved in the project.

Find out more about #KNXEnergyManagement at www.sustainabilityknx.org.