Smart Buildings visitors put the focus on common control platforms

London’s first big post-pandemic event for anyone interested in creating smarter commercial buildings attracted a broad audience for some very busy speaker sessions covering every aspect of design and estates management. KNX UK was delighted to support the sector as sponsors of the exhibitors after party – great to see you all back.

Yes, there was a lot of interest in what is possible with further digitisation but there was also an undertone of “crunch point” – we have to act now. From energy saving and security to managing soft services, delegates wanted to know what is possible now. And, time and time again, a common platform came up in the debate.

Is there one solution that makes all this possible now?

Ladies and gentlemen: the KNX protocol stands ready. It is the manufacturer-independent lingua franca that enables all aspects of control to talk to each other and to work together. Even better, it is futureproof – controls are guaranteed to be compatible on the day they are installed, and then backwards compatible in the future as your building control and management strategy evolves.

Rounding up the show was KNX UK president Paul Foulkes who stressed the need to bring all our thinking together. He called for holistic building control to be part of the design process from the earliest days of a new build or refurb project.

After all, at the end of the day we all want the same thing: efficient, economic, comfortable buildings to live and work in. With over 500 manufacturers on board, making KNX-certified products that enable integrators to build superb KNX control solutions. We can all benefit from healthy collaboration like this!