Excited to see you at Smart Buildings

– and at our mix of KNX UK physical and online meetings in the year ahead.

We’ve missed the UK’s KNX family and we can’t wait to see you again at the Smart Buildings Show this week. It will be the first time most of us have seen each other in the flesh since early 2020.

Of course, we’ve all attended virtual events in the interim, and we expect they will continue to be a major part of our working lives post-pandemic. After all, time is precious and we are all increasingly aware of our personal carbon footprints and the need to limit unnecessary travel.

This was a topic covered in a recent ‘vodcast’ featuring KNX UK Board Member Nikita Thompson of smart home integrator Mosaic AV. She was talking to the KNX Association’s marketing executive  Christian Stahn pointed out that KNX had been ahead of the game in planning virtual events before the pandemic, as it has to reach a big global audience of integrators, so it was match fit when lockdown came, hosting webinars and big events like the KNXperience. However, both he and Nikita expressed some regret at the lack of human contact, with the last physical KNX UK AGM (2019) still high on Nikita’s list of highlights!

So. she’ll be pleased to know that  KNX UK already has our next big in-person members’ event scheduled for November, when we’ll  be looking at the new ETS6 features. We’ll also continue to host online meetings and informal ideas-sharing sessions. If you’re new to KNX, many of our members offer online taster sessions to help you to understand why it’s the best platform for smart buildings solutions and how to add it to your business offer.

As climate change finally makes it to the top of the global agenda, it is probably no exaggeration to say that we, and KNX technology, have a big role to play. National groups like KNX UK play a big part in growing the KNX market, which benefits us all. So, as well as meeting again at the Smart Buildings Show; lets also make room in our diaries for a mix of face-to-face and online KNX UK events that give us opportunities to stretch our imaginations, share our experiences and take KNX into the future.

Don’t forget to register for the Smart Buildings Show and get in touch to find out more about becoming one of the KNX UK family of integrator members.