Spreading the KNX word at EI Live!

We’ve always believed that the bigger we can grow the KNX market in the UK, the better it will be for all our members as we share slices of a bigger pie – while delivering exceptional smart building solutions to home and building owners hungry for excellence and energy efficiency. With KNX you can go beyond the ordinary and avoid painting your customers into a corner with a system that cannot hope to provide the flexibility and opportunities for future change and expansion that the KNX open control protocol promises.

So where better for us to start than recruiting more installers? Our members already provide comprehensive training options from free taster days to formal KNX Partner qualification and follow up specialist options.  Why not at least sign up with one of them for a free taster session to find out more about what KNX is all about and why it’s become the global open standard of choice for tens of thousands of successful systems designers and installers?

To get the ball rolling, pop into our theatre sessions at EI Live 2021 in Farnborough and find out more.

How to become a smarter installer

Tuesday September 29 at  13:35

Come along and listen to Iain Gordon, a successful integrator who has built GES Digital, a thriving and award-winning business around KNX. He believes that a successful smart home installation should remain open to whatever the future brings and that the KNX open system approach is a logical choice. He will discuss how to progress along the road to becoming a smarter installer after “basic training”, and the practical help offered by the KNX UK Association.

Improving health and wellbeing with building technology

Wednesday September 30 at 14:35

Paul Foulkes is President of the KNX UK Association. He is an intelligent buildings expert and as KNX Business Manager for Theben UK is able to pursue his passion for the positive impact that well designed, fully integrated building automation technology can have for the health and wellbeing.

Find out more and register here.