Awards 2021 Nomination. The project scope and specification included, saunas, steam rooms, induction hobs, air conditioning throughout, but with only a three phase 60-amp supply the electrical supply was continuously tripping.

In brief, we considered how we could help, and promptly realised that load monitoring was a quick fix; as such, we instructed the electrical contractor to replace the current meter to a specific ABB model, and we also provided a KNX interface.

We programmed the fix with a load limit to avoid any overloads and identified and agreed with the client which energy hungry services would be shut down, the air conditioning and the electric underfloor heating loads were the main culprits.

This simple yet practical KNX solution saved the client over £20,000 to upgrade the incoming supply.

Building Controls:

The property benefits from a comprehensive home automation system throughout the entire building, as well as gate controls, external audio, and a high-grade security package.

The Intecho system features automated KNX controls for internal and external lighting, heating, blinds and curtains; with ABB’s Tacteo switch range being the general device of choice.

As well as standard switch and dimming functionality, we extensively used scenes to combine multiple functions to optimise convenience and minimise the number of switches and button presses needed.

Master control of the lighting system is manageable through integrated smart devices such as iPhones and tablets, with essential functions such as presence simulation, secure mode, all on/off and scene setting at the touch of a single button.

The project benefits from automated curtains and blinds throughout, all of which are controlled via the same devices as lighting and heating.

The building controls system is controlled from 3 main control panel locations (to aid the electrical contractor and reduce cable runs) along with some smaller sub boards for various tasks all of which were built in-house by Intecho’s panel shop engineers, using a myriad of KNX devices. See Images

In addition to the comprehensive KNX solution we provide within our residential projects, our company is generally tasked with also providing numerous other technical solutions and must ensure they all act and operate as one.

Within this project, we also used KNX to integrate and enhance the operation of the following systems:
• Air conditioning.
• Commercial grade heating, pressurised hot water and mechanical plant.
• Extensive audio-visual package including a high standard Cinema room.
• Various colour change effects for the lighting designers using DALI.
• Security systems to a very high level of protection.
• Gate entry.

• External landscape works including numerous light circuits and a superb external audio system.

Prior to ordering and signing off the Tacteo production, we produced a virtual switch sample for each location for client approval.

Home Cinema
The state-of-the-art home cinema benefits from a large, fixed screen for a casual viewing experience, as well as a hidden 3.3m Ultra 4k acoustically transparent projection screen for the more involved viewing sessions.

A unique aspect of this cinema space, is the use of a starscape ceiling, modelled on real observations of the night sky.

The property benefits from 10 distributed audio music zones which are conveniently integrated into Control4’s user friendly smart phone app.

The 4K HDMI video distribution matrix services up to 8 sources to 8 rooms, with the primary sources being Sky TV, Apple TV, Blu-Ray and the Intecho Secure CCTV solution.

It was a key requirement for the clients to be able to easily and quickly view the security cameras from anywhere within the house, and also whilst away.

A selection of KNX products used:
SA/S12.10.2.1 Switch Actuator, 12-fold, 10 A, MDRC
Uses potential free contacts to switch 12 independent electrical loads via the ABB i-bus®. Manual operation and display of the switching state of the contacts. The 10AX device is especially suited for loads with high surge currents e.g. fluorescent lighting (AX) acc

SA/S4.10.2.1 Switch Actuator, 4-fold, 10 A, MDRC
Uses potential free contacts to switch 4 independent electrical loads via the ABB i-bus®. Manual operation and display of the switching state of the contacts. The 10AX-AC1 device is especially suited for loads with high surge currents e.g. fluorescent lighting (AX) acc

6151/11 U-500 Switch actuator, 16 A 1gang actuator
For switching 230 V~ consumers. 2 inputs for potential free contacts. The bus can be connected via enclosed terminal block.

BEG 93394
KNX occupancy detector with integrated KNX bus connector
1 x light output (for regulating or switching), 1 x slave output, 3 x HVAC outputs (separately programmable)
Intelligent semi-automatic mode, occupancy-independent regulating mode (photoelectric switch), full automatic mode
Two logic modules
Individual adaption of detection sensitivity for each PIR sensor
Direction of movement can be identified
Anti-creep zone
Measuring of mixed light thanks to internal light sensor
Various locking functions
Status LEDs can be activated / deactivated
Programming button (phys. address) can be operated via remote control
Regulation/switching of three light groups via offset (external influence possible)
Short presence, self-adjusting follow-up time, corridor function
Recall of light scenes
Temperature sensor
Integrated downlight with orientation or a night light (RGB) function
HVAC mode (1=comfort, 2=stand-by, 3=economy, 4 = antifreeze/heat protection)
5 button remote control, programmable at choice (accessory)
Occupancy simulation
PIR sensors can be deactivated individually

ABB tacteo® KNX sensor
KNX sensors made of glass for the most demanding individual requirements.
The ABB tacteo® KNX Sensor is an individually configurable control element for intelligent building management of luxury hotels, public buildings and high class residential buildings. This makes each sensor unique in design and function.