Awards 2021 Nomination.

KNX products are all about flexibility. Future proofing is at the heart of our protocol.
Being able to update without ripping out, products that enhance sustainability.

Theben is recognised as a leader for presence detection and air quality monitoring. We have now bought the two together, but without creating and “old” product.
Multiple sensor capability.
Measures CO2 level, relative humidity, temperature and barometric air pressure.
Three independent, configurable thresholds for the CO2 level and relative humidity.
Integrated individual room thermostat.
4 binary inputs allowing for additional non KNX input capability, including standard local switching.
Simple install.

The modular nature of the product enables consultants and integrators to offer additional capability without major product speciifcation changes. Projects can be upgraded at late fit out stage without incurring losses due to unused products. The client retains a level of flexibilty throughout install and beyond.

The KNX AP Multi WH is a multi sensor unit that fits to an existing Theben product, the thePrema presence detector to enhance it with air quality sensing.

Multiple sensor capability enables the thePrema to measure air quality.
It is a simple addition to the existing device, no additional cabling, no hole cutting or costly interventions in to the building fabric.
As the existing device is retained there is no waste product created. The existing product is upgraded, reducing the need to recycle or treat waste.

This sensor product embodies the future proof philosophy that is at the heart of KNX.