Awards 2021 Nomination. Castlehill Belfast – Castlehill is a 36-house development in Belfast. This project was not predominantly a KNX project. The project had a loose speciation that detailed wireless lighting, heating, blinds, and security alarm that were fully integrated.
The specification called for the multiple systems to be integrated. Integration is possible in many ways between many system now over IP. However these are not always fixed protocols or system that have been on the market long. This is where KNX came in as the main centrepiece. it allowed integration using a known, supported and long serving system that is unrivaled on the market.

It was important that each system was not integration or IP reliant and had to operate standalone of IP or integration to ensure resilience of the systems operation overtime and to allow changes and future proofing.
KNX was the best solution due to its flexibility and versatility for integration allowing all the systems to integrate over one platform.
Its ability to integrate to other systems. The Nomos AG server and the KNX/Enocean gateway was key here providing native KNX communication and IP communication to integrate all the systems together.