Awards 2021 Nomination. Delivering secure remote access to the smart home with KNX, the Gira S1 enables users to remotely connect to their KNX smart home with total security.

How? The Gira S1 ensures that all communication is encrypted and adheres to German data protection standards: simply start the Gira X1 App and Gira S1 will take care of the rest in cooperation with the Gira device portal. The server for the Gira device portal is located in Germany and is subject to German data protection laws. This ensures that stringent German data protection standards are applied so all Gira customers are fully protected with safe and secure technology.

Through continued research and development, the company is able to anticipate the market and cater to this new category of homeowner, where form follows function.

The introduction of Gira S1 answers a clear demand for intelligent smart home solutions with secure remote access; and Gira believes that as consumer confidence grows, so will market desire.