Nick Laing cr

Nick Laing

Function Control

KNX UK Integrator Board Member Candidate 2023

Read on below, to find out more about Nick Laing and why you should vote for him.

Tell us about your experience of KNX.
I have been a qualified KNX integrator since 2011. I enjoy introducing customers to KNX as a robust and reliable controls system that is basis of all of our smart building projects. It is great how versatile KNX can be with such a large number of supporting manufacturers and products.

I am currently excited about the potential that there is for using KNX for improving peoples lives in care homes by adding options for integrating assistive technologies with building controls.

Describe the skills you will bring to the role.
I have real world experience of selling KNX solutions in the UK and understand the unique challenges faced by new members in the UK as they get started as KNX qualified integrators. I can share my experience and help others as they enter the industry.>

How you would like to contribute to the continuing development of the Association?
I would like to help raise the profile of KNX in the UK as the standard for building control. The association has made a big effort recently with marketing (the new website and membership benefits) and education. This needs to be carried forward and built upon. I would particularly like to promote KNX in Scotland as there is limited contact from the association in this part of the country.

Why should members vote for you?
I want to promote the use of KNX to help people in their lives, whether that is by providing someone the ability to easily control the lights in their home or by using data and monitoring to support their wellbeing.

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