SG Controls & Integration Limited
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Blinds/Solar Control & Automatic Window Controls (incl. Natural Ventilation)
  • Energy Management & Control
  • Facade Management
  • HVAC
  • Lighting (incl. DALI)
  • Metering (incl. Modbus, M-bus & KNX)
  • Monitoring & Data Acquisition Applications
  • Sanitary Management

SG Controls & Integration ‘SGCI’ are specialist solutions integrators in the field of integrated building automation within the commercial and industrial sectors, with over 40 ‘man’ years of experience and technical achievement within building automation and controls and allied electrical and mechanical industries including ICT.

We cover all aspects of HVAC, lighting (incl. DALI), solar blinds/ façade management, metering, AV, security, air quality/ natural ventilation and much more including client/ server applications for larger systems involving OPC/ SCADA based visualisation along with enterprise level integration for energy dashboards and data collation for utility metering and billing information.

As KNX forms the backbone of our systems solutions coupled with our expertise in open systems using LON, BACnet and DALI technologies we are able to offer fully integrated site wide control and monitoring applications to a wide range of building types no matter what their size or use may be? As well as at the same time protecting our clients’ investment by avoiding proprietary systems which ultimately require expensive upgrades and manufacturer determined maintenance contracts in the long run.

Completed projects to date include, schools, libraries, shopping centres, commercial office spaces and high end residential applications all using KNX alongside other open system architectures such as BACnet, LON, DALI, Modbus, M-bus and wireless technology to converge all aspects of building services control into one complete system enterprise. This level of integration ultimately gives end users the management and control functions they so desire along with energy saving features all of which allow the buildings plant and systems to interact, exchange data and run efficiently and economically without impacting on the occupants comfort levels within.

More importantly though SGCI offer ‘our solutions’ to fit the application and we achieve this by working closely with the project stakeholders/ investors, architects, M&E consultants, contractors and ultimately the end user/ client thus ensuring that the right system is specified and commissioned from the outset of a project.

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