The KNX UK association is the KNX National Group located in the United Kingdom and it is a separate entity to the KNX Association in Brussels. KNX UK work closely with the KNX Association to promote the KNX standard and technology in the UK. If you are member with KNX Brussels, does not automatically mean you are a member of KNX UK unless you have completed an application form to join our UK Association.

KNX UK is a partnership of UK manufacturers, integrators, wholesalers and training establishments along with other interested parties to promote the KNX standard within the UK. KNX UK is governed by an elected board whose experience reflects KNX activities in the UK

KNX UK organises meetings, attendance at exhibitions, PR, promotional tools and networking events. This web site is also a key focus of the organisation’s activities, describing the basics of the KNX Standard and providing visibility to its members via the Members’ Directory 

Become a KNX UK member, receive our monthly newsletters to stay up to date with whats going on in the KNX world! Have your activities supported and promoted by KNX UK and raise your company profile & brand. Take a look at all the other Member Benefits you will receive

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There are six different categories of membership:

Companies manufacturing, or solely distributing for one manufacturer, KNX compatible solutions in the UK. The headquarters of such members shall also be a member or a licensee of KNX International. The manufacturers shall be committed to promote the design and commissioning of KNX installations by KNX accredited companies.

Companies, with one or more KNX partners, involved in the integration of KNX solutions in homes and buildings e.g. contractors, system integrators, consultants, specifiers & architects.

Companies distributing at least two or more KNX manufacturer certified products in the UK. The headquarters of such members are not a member or a licensee of the KNX Association

Associated Member
Companies/Individuals who supply complimentary products or services to those provided by KNX UK Members in other categories and do not manufacture/wholesale/install KNX products or those of a competing system..

KNX training providers based in the UK.

KNX UK Professionals
KNX Partners or interested individuals who wish to be part of the KNX UK Association to use/participate in the KNX Forum and KNX UK Professionals  networking events. We welcome applications from KNX Partners registered in other countries where they wish to participate in an English ‘speaking’ forum.

Take a look at our KNX_UK_Discover_the_Benefits.pdf leaflet to find out more about the benefits you will receive by becoming a member!

DiscoverTheBenefitsSnapshotFor full details of membership categories and fees contact:

PO Box 4082
RG42 9EQ

Tel: 0845 869 5908

e.mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would like to join the KNX UK Association, complete one of the below forms and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., along with your company profile. Alternatively, the forms can also be completed online (see below for application forms)




On-line application forms

>>> Click here to complete the online application for KNX(UK) members

>>> Click here to complete the online application for KNX(UK) professionals