A complex residential project has demonstrated the interoperability of KNX building control technology with AV systems.  A large Victorian townhouse in Holland Park now features KNX controlled intelligent lighting, heating and blind control, multi-room audio and the distribution of HD video sources throughout the property.  Remote access and control of the property has also been provided.  pdfDownload Case Study PDF


Case Study Holland ParkWhen the property was refurbished, it allowed complete rewiring to support a KNX building control system as well as the opportunity to structure cabling and install customised AV technologies.  The installation was undertaken by systems integrator and KNX UK member, Reality Logic.


A key requirement of the project was also to keep the aesthetics of the installation as clean and simple as possible.  It was felt that the use of a large number of in-wall touch panels was inappropriate therefore the ability to be able to combine temperature, light, blind, access control and AV control on the same switch design was a major selling point.


A key product in the solution was a KNX enabled AV controller, controlling 13 zones of audio.  Since there were KNX and IP interfaces on this device, it created an excellent platform for supporting any user control device that was required.  Other control devices were then integrated with this controller and a KNX gateway device was also used to control any device that the AV controller interfaced with.


As a KNX based solution, there was naturally an excellent level of intelligent control. Central functions, lighting scenes, zoned heating control were a standard part of the solution.  These capabilities were extended with the use of the KNX gateway to support straight-forward user control and provide an easy to use and accessible interface for monitoring the property, managing time clocks for heating and occupancy simulation.


Overall, the installation has offered a very high level of sophistication.  The minimalist aesthetic approach has been achieved without compromising the ability to provide control in a flexible and future-proof manner.  All of this has been achieved using KNX with a budget that would simply not be possible with alternative technologies.