KNX is Globally Connected. The national groups conference in Helsinki was another great demonstration of the power of collaboration. Between both traditionally competitive manufacturers and differing nations and cultural values.

KNX is a stand out protocol, constantly evolving but never changing its core structure and has shown again that the constant evolution of the possibilities and the level of development are its absolute strengths. By both creating solutions and meeting new challenges, KNX has remained at the forefront in an age of data and security.

The KNX association outlined the future of technological development and perhaps more excitingly, KNX’s visibility as a solution provider to a wider audience.

Don’t forget either, KNX will be 30 years old in 2020. That’s a massive positive.

As National Groups, we have secured a great deal for our members with discounts available on ETS via your national representatives. A truly great benefit of association membership.

One thing for sure, KNX is here to stay.

~ KNX UK President, Iain Gordon attended the National Group conferance in early October