There is no shortage of hair-raising stories about cyber crime on the internet. Even if you look at the sober, unsensational Government figures, you can have no doubt that every business and private individual using IoT devices needs to take steps to beat the hackers, whether they are trying to steal your money or just cause malicious disruption to your business or day-to-day life.

Intelligent applications in buildings are becoming more versatile. Access management, gate control systems, alarm systems... can all be possible targets. If criminals find a security breach, they can copy telegrams, open doors remotely or even deactivate the alarm system. Hackers could view unprotected data from presence detectors, energy consumers and administration programs and make use of them for malicious intent. The manipulation of lighting control systems, heating control systems and other processes in building technology is also a potential risk.

To foil the hackers KNX has implemented the highest standard of protection in the current technology. The international KNX Association is committed to keeping KNX as the most secure solution in the smart home and building automation market. KNX is the first building automation technology to meet the highest security requirements according to the highest encryption standard AES128. KNX protects user data against unauthorised access and manipulation by means of encryption and authentication.

This Autumn, KNX Groups around the world are proactively taking the security message to  building owners and giving them the information they need to beat cybercrime. In the UK, KNX UK President Iain Gordon will be speaking about security issues at Smart Buildings Show 2018, London, November 2018. Or ask a KNX UK member to explain why KNX is so secure.