UK Association sponsors Smart Buildings 2017 at UK Construction Week

As invited sponsor for a Show dedicated to the future of smart building control, KNX UK was able to put the spotlight on the importance of guaranteed  interoperability. “Only a global open standard and a certification system that guarantees interoperability will give us the levels of real smartness we need” said Iain Gordon, President of KNX UK and a leading KNX solutions provider.

As the uptake of KNX spreads - more than 70,000 installer companies installing systems in 160 countries – it is inevitably encompassing more types of installation. KNX can be used for all applications in the home and commercial environment, ranging from lighting, shutter control to security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, metering as well as household appliances, audio and lots more. 

KNX has already had a major impact on larger commercial and public-sector projects and private mansions. Now smaller commercial projects are a target for KNX installers. KNX UK predident Iain Gordon was invited to speak at the show (Wednesday 11 October), where he shared ideas on how the KNX open protocol can add value in the working environment in smaller premises and dispel once and for all the hype about smart control only being practical for skyscrapers and houses on millionaires’ row. 

KNX UK partners and enthusiasts on Stand S115 at the Smart Buildings Show shared their knowledge and experience with show visitors 

Iain Gordon spoke at the show’s conference about his experiences with KNX and how the important principle of ‘inter-operability’ will shape the market. The movement away from super houses and skyscrapers to the smaller premises and mid-market working environment is well underway, and KNX partners are ready to support it. 

Speaking after the event, Iain said: “The Smart Building Show was part of the massive UK Construction Week event, and it was great for KNX brand to be showcased throughout the hall. We met people from many sectors, including government and healthcare and were able to participate in many high quality seminars and debates throughout the 3-day event.

“ A highlight for me was being invited on stage with international development secretary Baroness Verma, to discuss the merits of modular and off-site construction, an area of interest to my business.

“We came away form the event with valuable insight into market strategies for the continued growth of KNX.”