KNX UK held a CPD presenter training session for members on Monday 14th of November.

The session covered how to best deliver a presentation, and methods for engaging your audience when delivering a talk. It was an interactive day hosted by Jono Oswin, who spoke at the KNX UK AGM earlier in the year. The day included role plays, individual & group feedback sessions as well as hosting presentations in front of other attendees to put the learning into practice

Members who attended found the session interesting, informative and very worthwhile.

Feedback from our Members:

“Jono Oswin was a great inspiration for clear thinking and re-enforcing the how to’s of presenting. His knowledge of how to make persuasive presentations was exceptional and I came away feeling motivated by his teaching. For the cost of attending, the lessons learnt were invaluable.  A day away from the office is always a concession, but I would highly recommend taking that day if you have the opportunity to listen to Jono or anyone with skills you do not possess. Yet another benefit of membership of KNX UK. “ ~ Iain Gordon, GES Digital Ltd

“ Personally, I found it very worthwhile. It's the sort of course I've been wanting to do for years but never found the time. Jono is clearly very experienced in the field and I would urge all KNX UK members to consider it.There's no doubt he has brought a fresh perspective to the key messages the CPD presentation is trying to get across. I'm sure we will benefit as a result.” ~ Julian Barkes, BEMCO

“I found the event very worthwhile Jono is excellent at what he does. The whole day flew by. I’m pretty sure everyone found it interesting and of use. A great example that you are never too old to learn and you can teach an old dog new tricks” ~ Stephen Payne, BEG

“It was fab, really interesting and informing” ~ Simon Johnson, Theben AG

“It was really useful for me as a Sales chap. It changed my view of presenting and has given us more Tricks and tips. A big thumbs up for Jono, and you guys for arranging it.” ~ Chid Radkhakrishnan, Ivory Egg

“I really enjoyed the training and found it very informative.  The venue was great, everything ran really well. Jono is a great presenter and the content of his programme was full of useful techniques and processes to guide us through a professional presentation. I believed we were coming in to learn how to deliver the KNX CPD. I was a bit worried that I’d need to memorise a large chunk of technical data so it came as a pleasant surprise to work on our presentation styles rather than the technical content. The stuff we learnt could be used in any presentation, on any subject. People may be interested to know they can use the knowledge from the day in this way.” ~ Andrew Ward, Sound & Vision UK Ltd